Founder's Message

This company was founded for the sole purpose of providing opportunities, support, and growth for its employees and their families. The well-being of the members of our organization (employees, families, friends) far outweighs the need for dishonesty, prejudice, unethical practices, or profit. We are obligated to provide honest, ethical and professional dealings not only with our employees, but also with our vendors, subcontractors, clients, banks, agencies, etc. By honestly caring for our own people, the clients we work for, and the vendors who work for us, all of those mentioned will make and continue to keep our company successful. With God's help, I have tried to keep this focus, and with God's help I am demanding that this be the focus of Gregori Construction in the future. When the worth of profit exceeds the worth of the people, this company should be dissolved.
- Richard C. Gregori, Founder, December 2005