The Norfolk Southern wall project in Fort Wayne included the demolition of part of a large retaining wall, removal of overburden and regrading of the upper slope. The remaining wall was then capped and encased in concrete and sealed.

Repairs to bridge abutments. Chopawamsic Creek Bridge at MP CFP 76.9, Baltimore Division, RF&P Subdivision, Quantico, VA.

The project focused on Bridge 03 in New Canton, VA. The work included installing 10 new form and pour bent footings, shim and line bridge deck, 14 EA remove timber bents and replace with 5 post bents, remove and replace girts, sash, sway bracing, sills and stringers in various locations.

The Norfolk Southern project in Bolivar, PA involves the rehabilitation of an old double barrel arch train bridge over Tubmill Creek. The old stones that make up the arch were showing signs of cracking and movement. Work on this project included dowels and rebar installation, concrete encasement on the benchwalls and spandrel faces, galvanized steel arch liner installation, grouting of the arch liner and new wing and parapet concrete caps. Helical anchors were also installed through the new parapet on the north side. Access to phase two of this project required a large water diversion effort to control Tubmill Creek before flowing into the Conemaugh River.